Cicloraduno FIAB – Varese

Varese, area Laghi
Dal 19 giugno al 25 giugno 2017
Si svolgerà nella Zona dei Sette Laghi – Lombardia, – la 29esima edizione del Cicloraduno FIAB, dedicata alle famiglie e alla mobilità sostenibile. L’evento, organizzato come ogni anno da FIAB, toccherà aree di grande pregio ambientale, storico e paesaggistico e sarà organizzato in collaborazione con Varese Sport Commission, che contribuirà con le proprie competenze a realizzare un evento a ridotto impatto ambientale. Sarà una grande occasione per scoprire la terra dei laghi varesini. PROGRAMMA dell’EVENTO fonte:[:en]
Varese Area
From 19th June to 25th June 2017
The 29th edition of the ‘Cicloraduno FIAB’ (“cycling tour”) will take place in Varese and will be dedicated to families and environmental sustainability. The event will involve areas rich in environmental, historical and scenic beauties, and will be organized in cooperation with Varese Sport Commission, which will provide its competences as a contribution to the realization of a low-environmental-impact event. The most beautiful paths were chosen and put at the participant’s disposal: in fact they will be able to have an authentic cyclotourism holiday, with bike excursions in the most significant landmarks of the 7 lakes area. There will also be some meetings during which it will be possible to take a deeper look into the themes that are connected to cycling. During the Cicloraduno (cycle tour), many paths will be organized, with different characteristics and difficulty, in order to meet any possible needs and to allow everyone to participate and have fun while visiting all the beautiful places selected for this edition.[:]

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